• Wallet platforms – Android, Windows phone, iOS
    • Supported coins – Bitcoin
    • Validation – Decentralized
    • Anonymity – Medium
    • Ease of use  – Very easy
    • Extra services – Integrated purchasing system for gift cards
3.0 rating based on 1 rating

By BTCGuru


Airbitz is one of such decentralized and secure wallets which is used for storing bitcoins. In the race of the mps secure and reliable bitcoin wallets, here comes Airbitz, a much renowned wallet nowadays. There are different wallets which focus on providing reliable storage of different cryptocurrencies and smart usage and Airbitz stands out with few interesting features. Let’s review this bitcoin wallet in more detail.

What is Airbitz?

Airbitz is a decentralized, reliable, secure wallet which focuses on providing financial independence and privacy to the users. No 3rd party or Airbitz itself can change or have access to the funds stored in the wallet which makes it highly secure and private. It is one of the widely used wallets for bitcoins due to its privacy and interactive user interface. This is why, it is known as a beginner-friendly wallet to store and use bitcoins.

Secure and easy interface of Airbitz

Features of Airbitz:

Airbitz is a user friendly and decentralized wallet with amazing security features along with interactive and flexible payment systems. From scanning the QR codes to Bluetooth payments, this wallet is specially designed with features to make transactions easy for the users.


This wallet is designed to make usability simpler and more flexible. Users can easily make use of this decentralized wallet even when the server is down, in fact the wallet works with the same efficiency in such situation as well.

Multiple payment options:

The payment options for this hot wallet are uncountable. From scanning QR codes to Bluetooth money transfer, every modern and latest technology for fund transfer is allowed

Additional notable features of Airbitz:

  • The account creation is simple and easy as never before. With just a login and password, your account is created. There are no encryption or printing issues
  • The wallet is automatically encrypted and backed up. It is also easy to synchronize different devices with a single account and use it flexibly
  • You can have multiple wallets synched with a single name or account
  • The wallet also provides the facility of auto synchronization with Airbitz directory though which, the Meta data for business transactions can be easily filled in an automatic way
  • The transaction data is editable. The user can change the value, notes and other details
  • The transactions can be easily searched by the name of payee, category of payment and much more
  • Easy to search the bitcoin users around you
  • Multiple fiat currencies are supported by airbitz
  • The simplest User Interface to transfer funds
  • The wallets are Hierarchical deterministic wallets which change address with every transaction
  • Not the client or Airbitz itself can have access to the data of the users
  • Detailed user information is not required to use the wallet
  • Integrated system for selling and purchasing bitcoins
  • Integrated purchasing system for gift cards

User interface

User interface refers to the structure and design of the wallet which makes it easy for the users to use it. In terms of user interface, Airbitz stands very strong. In fact, it is designed to allow the beginners to use the wallet safely and with ease. The wallet has some nice features in terms of user interface and flexibility.


Airbitz wallet is used and supported on the major mobile platforms and apps:

  • iOS
  • Windows phones
  • Mobile applications for iPhone
  • Android applications


The construction of Airbitz is done to make user experience more flexible and strong. It is also known as a beginner’s wallet as the interface of this wallet is attractive and not complicated. The user just needs to login and add a password to get an account. The payment tabs and other wallet features are also simple to use.

The design is studded with effective themes, customized designs and easy to use widgets.


Integration for Giftcards


When it comes to security, Airbitz is just as robust and effective as other hot wallets. However, in this case the data or funds are completely secure as neither the company nor any 3rd party can access the data of any user’s account.

  • Also, the wallet has automatic encryption, syncing which allows hassle free secure transactions to the users.
  • The password used for logging in, are secured through S-Crypt hashing and other such powerful encryption techniques which makes it vulnerable for the account information to get leaked
  • The Native c or c++ code is used which is strong and completely reliable
  • The security is from both sides. The encryption is used for client side logging
  • It also allows 2 factor authentication and confirmation for transactions for easy payments

Coins supported by Airbitz

Airbitz supports the Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and you can make easy transactions for bitcoins using this wallet.


  • Highly user friendly, and is the best wallet for beginners. The payment processes and features are simply easy to use.
  • The wallet is open source and users can contribute in its improvement
  • It is a highly secure wallet due to 2 way authentication
  • Users get the access to the wallet directory
  • It has a decentralized framework where the wallets work perfectly well even when the server is down


  • One of the most important things is compatibility and Airbitz misses compatibility with some desktop applications.
  • The brand name is quite important for gaining the trust of users. Airbitz is not yet established and known as a brand compared to other wallets
  • The account validation process is quite long.

Final verdict for Airbitz

If you compare Airbitz with other wallets available in the market, it is quite strong with the most commendable UI and easy to use framework. The 2 way authentication makes payments even safer. Especially if you are a beginner, this can be the simplest wallet which you can use. If you want an easy-to-use wallet, this is the free wallet which will make payments more exciting and comfortable for you.

  • Very Helpful

    I’ve been using this wallet a lot lately. It has one of the best QR scanners and it has a discovery feature that shows nearby shops that accept Bitcoin.

  • A Good One

    Airbitz’s security model is more relevant to Android or to an iOS user who installs sketchy apps or roots his device. I prefer to control my master seed so if my phone is lost or destroyed then I don’t have to rely on a developer for access to my wallet. Sure, I can just install Airbitz on a new device, but what if for some reason the app isn’t obtainable? It’s an unlikely situation but not an impossible one.

    As a walkin’ around money wallet Airbitz is great. Favorite feature? Local buyers/sellers finder.

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