• Wallet platforms – Android, iOS, Mac,  Linux, Windows phone, Windows
    • Supported coins – Bitcoin
    • Security – Moderate
    • Ease of use – Easy
    • Extra services – Allows QR code scanning for transactions
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By BTCGuru


Arcbit is considered as the simplest and multi-features wallet for beginners. Now that there are so many bitcoin wallets available in the market, it is becoming tough for people to choose. Users always look for different functionalities features and safe wallets and here’s where ArcBit comes in picture. Lets learn more about this intuitive and user friendly bitcoin wallet.

What is ArcBit?

ArcBit is a simple bitcoin wallet which has multiple features and is one of the strongest bitcoin wallets in the competition. The transactions with bitcoins are easily completed through ArcBit wallets. The users need not to login or signup to send and receive bitcoins and just downloading the application is required! It is a desktop as well as mobile wallet which helps users to control their funds while providing a safe wallet.

Simple ArcBit wallet with instant and quick transaction option

Features of ArcBit:

ArcBit is a wallet with simple user interface and design to help beginners with bitcoin transactions. The wallet is preferred as a multi-featured wallet which has some exceptional and unusual features which differentiates it from the other wallets.



The interface if ArcBit is simply intuitive and sensitive. Specially designed for novice users and beginners, this amazing wallet provides features which are easy to understand and use. It is a simple wallet which can help beginners deal with bitcoins. Saying that, ArcBit wallet has features like simplified help section, email support, easy design which can be used by beginners as well as expert users. Thus, with ArcBit wallet, users will always find their way. When the transaction is complete, the user just requires a recovery phase for restoring the transactions and balance.

Private and safe

The ArcBit wallet is a safe and private wallet. The private keys for your transactions would stay on the device of the users and thus, the account information or funds cannot get accessed by anyone else. Users have all the control over their funds. Also ArcBit follows a secured encryption which allows the bitcoins to stay safe in the wallets.

No one else would be able to access your bitcoins and with this your wallet remains private and safe.


The range of ArcBit features cannot be compared with any of the wallets and this is why, it is known as a multi-featured wallet. The features of this wallet are simply designed to ease the transactions and encourage simplicity. ArcBit supports HD wallets, superb encryption and import of bitcoins along with xpub keys, private bitcoin keys and much more.

Here are some other features which make this wallet standout:

  • HD wallets are supported
  • Stealth addresses and watch only address helps in making transactions more smooth
  • You can easily Import bitcoins from outside sources
  • It is an Open source platform which still gets developed and free to use
  • The wallet facilitates users to open multiple wallets and get well organized address book
  • The UI of this wallet is completely user friendly and beautifully designed
  • Easy backup and recovery for funds and accounts
  • Beneficial Email support and help section for users
  • Best Encryption algorithms and security features
  • The interface is simply appealing to new users


Simple UI of ArcBit

User Interface:

ArcBit truly signifies User Interface as it has one of the best UI and design which can appear appealing to users. The UI of ArcBit is simple and filled with advanced features which can help the users make transactions easily. From its usability to its design, everything is simply in favor if the users and can attract more number of users.


The usability of ArcBit is outstanding where it can be used for desktop as well as mobile applications. Here are the platforms which support ArcBit wallet:

  • iOS,Mac
  • Windows and Linux desktops
  • Windows phones
  • Mobile applications for iPhone
  • Android applications


To promote the ease of use and flexibility, the wallet is designed in the most simple and elegant way. You do not require signups and can easily browse through the features within the wallet. Also it has cold wallet storage for making online transactions. This is a very simple and unique wallet for beginners as well as frequent users.


The security feature of ArcBit is all what a wallet with instant transactions need. The wallet does not require login or signup to make transactions thus there is no password protection or 2 way authentication which makes wallets safe for use.

However, the wallet also provides private keys for transactions which allow safe transactions for users. The transactions and wallet is safe in terms of securing the funds and transaction details. You can create multiple wallets, restore all your funds but multi signature and multi users are not supported.

Thus, for one time transaction or frequent transactions where you don’t need a full fledges account for storing your bitcoins, the security level of ArcBit is quite accurate.

Offline storage features


ArcBit supports transactions done with bitcoins.  It is specially designed to provide ease of use for the beginners.


  • The best advantage of this wallet is its UI. The beginners and expert users can easily use this wallet for making transactions
  • The users get access to their private keys which means the control of funds is in the hands of the users
  • The wallet has basic privacy and safety features which are needed for short term usage or transactions
  • The fees for transactions are dynamic as well as economic
  • Allows QR code scanning for transactions


  • If you are looking for extreme security, the 2 way authentication is missing in this wallet
  • Also, if you want a single wallet to be used between multiple users, ArcBit is not the best option as it does not support multi signature option
  • The validation is centralized which requires more time and is a complicated process

 Final verdict for ArcBit

If you are a beginner and want to start using bitcoins, this is the best wallet which will not help in hassle free bitcoin transfer but will also keep your funds safe. The UI is easy to use and along with security, there are multiple features for ease of use.

Automatic backup and recovery will help you restore your wallet and manage funds easily. Get this easy to use and intelligently featured wallet for smooth transactions.

  • Great mobile app

    This wallet has very well designed mobile apps and easy to use. I liked it.

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