• Wallet platforms – Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Windows,
    • Supported coins – Bitcoin
    • Validation – SPV
    • Anonymity – Moderate
    • Ease of use – Easy
    • Extra services –  Shows prices of bitcoins on popular exchanges
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We have so many cryptocurrency wallets in the market but Bither is simply designed to satisfy the need of simple and safe wallets.  You must have heard of this multibenefit wallet and its Hot/Cold models. There are number of features in this wallet which makes it a top choice for users. Let’s know the features and benefits of this wallet which makes it so popular.

What is Bither?

Bither is an open source Bitcoin wallet for desktops and mobile phones. Through this wallet, you can store your bitcoins in cold or hot wallet. This wallet helps you to use your bitcoins as cash or as a credit card! It is an HD wallet with hold and cold wallet properties. The users can get the access of their private keys which are stored digitally. It is a decentralized and peer-to-peer wallet for real time transactions. The hot and cold wallet options allow you to manage and tract your transactions online and in offline modes.

Hot and Cold wallet addresses in Bither


Bither has a long list of features which has made it an obvious choice for bitcoin users. From simple user interface to highly effective security features, you get everything in this amazing wallet.

The cold wallet features

The cold wallet is easy to use and is quite secure. You can create pass codes and different addresses on the cold wallet. Through scanning the QR code, you will be able to see all the funds and transactions. Here are some other features of the cold wallet:

  • The cold wallet runs on the offline mode where you do not need internet connection
  • Your private keys are secured and protected through passwords
  • Real-time prices and network monitoring
  • Backup and recovery

The hot wallet features

Through the hot wallet, you can easily connect to the bitcoin network and perform multiple tasks. You can check the balance, view the prices and send and receive bitcoins. The private keys used for transactions can be imported using the QR code. Here are the features of the hot wallet:

  • The hot wallet runs with the interned in the online mode
  • You can check your savings through watch only mode
  • Real-time price exchange
  • You get notifications about transactions

Some other exceptional features of this wallet:

  • Real-time prices of bitcoin exchanges straight on your screen along with network monitoring
  • The private keys are password protected
  • Security check on private keys
  • Cloning of cold wallets
  • Automatic backup and recovery features
  • Safe flipping through hot and cold wallets using QR codes
  • The advanced features of Bither provide number of options for recovery, backup, transactions and different settings

Advanced features tab in Bither

User Interface

The user interface of Bither is quite unique and different than the other wallets. The interface is quite difficult to understand and operate for beginners. However, the display of funds, transactions and QR code is quite simple though which you can make transactions easily. Here is all you need to know about the ease of usability and uniqueness of design which you get in Bither.


Bither is a bitcoin desktop wallet which can be used for transactions, bitcoin purchase and selling. It is available as a desktop wallet as well as a mobile wallet and thus, is supported on the following platforms:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iPhone


One of the excellent features is the pie chart which shows the prices of bitcoins on popular exchange markets.  Also there are charts which showcase the funds you are holding in different addresses.

You may not get extremely attractive colors and themes when it comes to the design but the modules and menus are perfectly displayed in the bither wallet. In a single menu, you get the list of transactions, safety features, recovery settings, balances and other account information. The designing of Bither is simple, eye pleasing and easy to use.

Bither UI


The security options of Bither are average compared to the other cryptocurrencies. There are features for private key protection and control over the private keys but it does not have any 2 factor authentication or support which is not highly secure.

The cold wallet private keys are secured with numeric passwords. However, there is no dedicated security check or authentication for the private keys which makes it prone to theft or hacks.

The communication between hot and cold wallets is done through secure QR codes. Though the hot and cold wallets are introduces to empower safety features, it still lacks privacy and authentication which makes it less secured wallet!

The security feature of Bither simply swings in between better and average!

QR code scanning in Bither

Coins supported by Bither

Bither is a specialized and secure Bitcoin wallet which only supports transactions for Bitcoins.


  • With bither, you have control over your funds. You can access the private key and manage your expenses easily.
  • The verification is decentralized and thus, is more secure
  • Bither wallet is quite transparent
  • It is a desktop and mobile wallet which increases its usability
  • Excellently responsive and multi benefit wallet which provides real-time transaction and bitcoin prices
  • The hold and cold wallet features
  • Simple design and User interface


  • The users do not have to login or register before using the wallet which can make it less private
  • It does not support constant multisignature which improves usability
  • The novice users can feel complications while using the wallet
  • No 2 factor authentication

Final Verdict:

Bither has gained a lot of praises and appreciation from users due to its simple design and ease of use. The security features of bither are strong and reliable. As an open source product, it is constantly improving and getting better! If you trade constantly with the bitcoins and use bitcoin wallets for making transactions, this is one of the profitable choices for you.

It easily flips between hot and cold features and promotes convenience among the users. Check out the advanced features and grab this bitcoin wallet for safe transactions.

Watch this Bither wallet review to learn more about the Bither wallet

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