• Wallet platforms -Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
    • Supported coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum
    • Validation – Centralized
    • Anonymity – High
    • Ease of use  – Simple to use
    • Extra services – 20+ currency conversion rates
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By BTCGuru


You must have heard about which is a cryptocurrency wallet for bitcoin and etherium and is also one of the most widely used websites on a daily basis. Launched in 2011, this wallet is simply more than a wallet which shows the current status value and transactions of bitcoins while keeping the users updated! This is a wallet which has become popular due to its ease of use and simple payment structure for regular transactions!

What is is one of the most preferred cryptocurrency wallets and an explorer service which shows the information of mined traded and purchased bitcoins. It provides data about the bitcoin economy to keep the users updated! The wallet offers high privacy transactions through intense security features. This wallet prevents the 3rd parties to access the user data and accounts while keeping the tokens completely secure! Thus, you are the only one having complete control over your account and funds!

Effective User Interface of blockchain wallet


  • It is an alternative block chain browser where you can get the updates about bitcoin economy.
  • It can be used for both, etherium and for bitcoin storage. This also provides the flexibility to trade between these coins.
  • It is a highly secure wallet where you get emails and push notifications along with alerts when someone is trying to access your wallet.
  • You get the live list of unconfirmed and confirmed transactions.
  • The charts and data is available giving you the bitcoin network insight.
  • Multiple signature is allowed through which, multiple users can use the wallet for transactions.
  • The data is stored on the servers which gives you complete control over your funds.
  • The wallet follows centralized verification.
  • There are 20+ currency conversion rates.
  • Supports over 25 languages for ease of communication.
  • You can browse bitcoin merchants nearby you easily.
  • QR code support is provided for easy transactions.
  • You get 2 way authentication and confirmation of transactions along with pin protection and push notifications.

Ease of Use

When you consider the interface and usage of, the wallet is simply easy and flexible to use. You can easily use your wallet ID and sign in to your account. You can store the wallet on your mobile application or on your machine. The browser cache also helps you to use the wallets more conveniently.


Multiple security and payment options



The wallet can be easily used on the desktops and on the mobile platforms. It is compatible with different browsers, operating systems and platforms and thus, has gained a lot of popularity! Here are the platforms where is compatible with: Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS


The design of is quite simple and easily usable. The payments can instantly send and receive money and the payment gateways are easy to use. For beginners, this is a very friendly and interactive platform for making transactions. The designs are modern and various chart tools are used to ease the process!

User Interface

User Interface of is quite compatible for the beginners. For novice users, this is an easy to use wallet where with simple wallet ID, the users can sign in and use the wallets. The chart tools, the updated bitcoin economy and insights make the wallet more user friendly and accepted!


  Simple UI for buying and selling cryptocurrencies

Security is considered to be quite secure and safe for transactions. The tokens and assets in this wallet are quite protected. It is a very secure wallet where the wallets are stored on the company’s servers and third parties don’t have any access to the wallets.

There are 2 additional layers for security. The first thing is, it promotes 2-way authentication through which, secured payments and transactions are confirmed. Second, the user receives a text message as soon as someone is trying to access the wallet.

Mobile users can set a PIN to protect the wallets from such unauthorized access. The pin is required every time the wallet will be used. These 2 security options make more secure and powerful than other wallets!

While creating the account, there are certain verification mails which will make your account creation and usage more secure. From 12 word backup phrase to access blocking features, provides the best security options for payments!

Coins supported by supports 2 currencies which are bitcoin and etherium. The wallet is used for transactions for these 2 cryptocurrencies


  • Info has a brand name and a great reputation which makes it quite reliable
  • Easy and comfortable for beginners to use
  • The Smartphone app functionality is quite strong and innovative
  • It promotes multiple users with multi signatures, different users can use the single wallet for transactions
  • 2 way authentication and extra security layer for safe payments
  • You have complete control over your funds


  • The wallet faces threat of theft
  • The customer support is quite weak
  • Less liked by the experienced users
  • There are many instances where the wallets were found empty

Final verdict for is quite a user-friendly wallet which can be used for making transactions. For traders and investors, this wallet is quite profitable as it supports etherium and bitcoins. The concept of reflecting the current cryptocurrency market trends and the website is quite innovative.

If you are looking for a wallet which is easy to use and ensures complete security for transactions, this is the best wallet to look for. However, the users have experienced difficulties in accessing the funds and response from the customer support which must be considered!

  • Pretty good

    Just offering trade purchasing outside US, beside that been a superb wallet backpedaling to mid ’16 when I first discovered it

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