• Wallet platforms – Android, iOS
    • Supported coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum-based tokens
    • Validation – SPV
    • Anonymity – Moderate
    • Ease of use – Average
    • Extra services – The payments are not dependent on third parties
4.0 rating based on 1 rating

By BTCGuru


Breadwallet is designed especially for mobile usage iOS and android but not currently for any other platforms which makes it the king of mobile wallets. While different companies are in the race of launching wallets which can work for desktop and mobile applications, here is a wallet which focuses on solely on mobile. Let’s explore the other features and benefits this unique wallet provides. This is the wallet to change the trading platforms and transactions.

What is A Breadwallet?

Breadwallet is the most renowned iPhone bitcoin wallet although it has an android app as well. It allows the users to have complete control over their funds along with security and privacy features. The interface of the wallet is highly appreciated and helps in preventing bitcoin theft. It does not allow third parties to access the funds of the users where the users will have complete control over their bitcoin transactions. Here are some reasons why you must choose breadwallet for your iOS devices to make efficient use of your bitcoins.

Sending money through Breadwallet

Breadwallet Features


One of the best features of Breadwallet is its simplicity. The app wallet completely simplifies the two main screens for sending money and receiving money which helps the expert and first time users to guide through making easy transactions. The wallet puts simplicity as a main feature and provides an easy to use QR code scanning to transfer money.

SPV simplified payment verification

SPV is one of the reasons of breadwallet being one of the most secured iOS wallets.  Through this simple system, the users can directly connect to the bitcoin network and make payments without interference of third parties. Sending, storing and receiving bitcoins is simply secure and easy than before through this method. The bitcoin addresses and balanced can easily get recovered through this system.

Also it is a completely secure wallet which provides protection against malwares, thefts and other issues. The need of backups and more security options is thus eliminated

Additional unique breadwallet features:
  • Breadwallet allows privacy where the company itself cannot access the account or transaction information of the users
  • The wallet uses best encryption methodologies which makes it secure
  • The users do not need to sign up or register for using the breadwallet
  • The design and interface of breadwallet is easy to use
  • Help buttons on every screen for detailed explanations
  • With breadwallet, users directly connect with the bitcoin network and thus, get all the privacy and security features
  • It is an open source platform which is still developing and gets upgraded with excellent features

Security within breadwallet

User interface

The user interface of breadwallet is very simple for the beginners. Along with the basic features, the wallet has been upgraded with some exceptional features. Most of the screens have explanation regarding use of the wallet. Along with this, the prices of bitcoins on exchanges, the balances, transactions tags and much more is displayed for the comfort of users.


Usability of this device is not as wide spread as other wallets as it is a wallet which is designed especially for the iOS devices. It is an iOS application or mobile wallet to store and use bitcoins. It is now getting upgraded and will be available for android applications too.


The design of breadwallet is simple and eye catchy. Though, there are no high end colors and designs which can make the app more appealing but it has a smooth and simple design which simplifies transactions. The send and receive money pages are interactive and easy to use. Thus, the design of this amazing wallet is effective to use.


apart from the other features, one of the promising features of breadwallet is security. When it comes to regular use, users always choose a wallet which provides security and privacy. Breadwallet has multiple security features which make it super strong as a wallet.

  • Breadwallet directly connects to the bitcoin network which means, the users have direct access to their funds and no one else can access the user’s accounts. The payments are not dependent on third parties.
  • Each transaction is verified and authenticated before completion which allows safe transactions. If the transaction node is hacked or corrupted, another node will be chosen for transaction
  • One of the security plus points is touch ID and 6 digit pin which allows safe transaction.
  • These aspects make the wallet more secure and private and thus, are considered as a safe wallet to use.

Coins supported by Breadwallet

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum-based tokens


  • With this amazing wallet and decentralized features, the users have all the control over their funds
  • The decentralized verification makes transactions more quick and smooth
  • Breadwallet provides basic transparency in terms of transactions
  • With authentication, digital security and private blockchains, the wallet provides intensive security
  • The design and User Interface of this wallet is simple easy to use.
  • It provides excellent backup and recovery
  • The SPV methodology is the core of security of this wallet


  • Does not support 2 factor authentication. 2 way authentication allows transactions to happen after pin codes verification. A 2 factor authentication process confirms transactions after approving pass codes, thumb impressions, id and much more.
  • It does not support multi signature through which, the usability of a wallet can improve
  • The wallet charges more for transactions than the other wallets

Transactions using Breadwallet

Final Verdict

If you are using any iOS device and want to opt for a bitcoin wallet which provides smooth transactions and safe bitcoin storage, breadwallet is the reliable and simple wallet you can consider. It is a mobile bitcoin wallet which is designed for ease of application and to facilitate the users.

The wallet provides everything from security to a responsive UI which can help the beginners to get along with this bitcoin wallet and perform transactions easily.

  • Quite Expensive

    20% expense for utilizing the wallet when basically there are others around, similarly as protected and straightforward and way less expensive

  • Impressive

    Has functioned admirably for me. As far as purchasing using Glidera, I wouldn’t recommend..

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