• Wallet platforms – Linux, Windows, Mac
    • Supported coins –  Multi-currency including;  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, EOS
    • Validation – Centralized
    • Security – lack of 2-way authentication
    • Ease of use  – Very simple to use
    • Extra services – Personalized themes and user interface for different user
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By BTCGuru


In this Exodus hot wallet review we will review all the wallet features to allow you to chose if this is the best wallet for you. There are so many bitcoin wallets in the market that sometimes it gets confusing to choose the best wallet for our use. Most of the wallets are quite similar in their features, but the benefit of different types of wallets is that, every user can choose a wallet according to his or her requirement and preferences. Among such unique and innovative wallets, here comes a very smart wallet for multiple currencies.

What is Exodus?

Exodus is a hot cryptocurrency wallet which makes you the in-charge of your cryptocurrencies. This wallet was launched in 2016 and is one of the most flexible wallets to store multiple cryptocurrencies. The exodus wallet offers support to different cryptocurrencies and thus makes payments more flexible. It is a versatile wallet through which you can manage multiple currencies using the best user interface.

Simple UI reflecting balance and trade options

Features of Exodus:

Exodus comes with a long list of features which makes it a strong and powerful wallet for multiple currencies. From interesting security features to catchy user Interface, these are some outstanding features of Exodus you must know.

Multi-currency support:

Not all the wallets available in the market support more than one currency. Exodus is a wallet which supports over 15 currencies and also allows transactions with these currencies.  For the users having multiple currencies, this is the best wallet to make hassle free transactions using any of the currency in their wallet!

Appealing user interface:

The user interface of Exodus is designed in a commendable way. The wallet has a unique pie chart for the user’s crypto assets. This provides an easy to understand view of the transactions, currencies and funds of the users. This is a highly appreciated feature of this wallet and thus, it is known as a versatile wallet!

Pie chart of different coins kept in wallet

Here are some of the other features of Exodus:

  • You can trade multiple currencies using the same wallet
  • Exodus stores all the data and backup in your machine
  • It is the best wallet for first time users. There are multiple tutorials and guides along with a interactive UI to facilitate all the beginners
  • Personalized themes and user interface for different users
  • Live charts for tracking the assets
  • Encryption for private keys to make transactions secure
  • ShapeShift exchange between multiple currencies

User Interface:

The user interface of Exodus is one of the most highly appreciated factors. The user interface is designed for the novice users as well as the experienced users. Anyone who uses exodus for the first time will simply fall in love with its easy and super understandable design.


Exodus is a desktop wallet which saves all your data and information on your PC. The private keys and wallet information are all stored on your PC. Also, backing up your wallet data becomes extremely easy when you have to store it on your machine. In case your machine gets damaged; with the help of password and login details, you can access all your data easily.

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux


The design of Exodus is par excellence. For an easy and comprehensive look of the currencies, transactions and assets, Exodus provides a simple pie chart look of these factors. This is a very catchy and easy to understand design which will simply steal your heart. The use of colors for data, maps and holding is done in an excellent way. Thus, Exodus gets 1 on 10 when it comes to design.

 Transaction details


The security options in this wallet are quite reliable and efficient. The best part of exodus is that it is a desktop wallet which is used through machines.

  • Exodus automatically encrypts all your holdings and stores these assets in a secured way in your machine.
  • As these assets are stored in your machine, you have 100% control over them.
  • The backup system on exodus is efficient and it will not store any of the data or key on its server.
  • This makes it more safe and secure. Also when your machine gets damaged; using your login and password details, you can have access to your wallet.
  • Reactivation of your wallet is followed with a number of security links and Exodus key to ensure safe reactivation. However, the 2 way authentication is missing in exodus which has become a reason for criticism.

12 word password security

Coin Support:

As we stated this wallet supports multiple currencies at a time and allows smooth transactions with any of the currencies. The list of supported currencies is quite remarkable:

  • Bitcoins
  • Litecoin
  • Etherium
  • Dash
  • Golem
  • Augur
  • Decred
  • EOS
  • OmiseGo
  • Aragon
  • Gnosis
  • Basic Attention Token
  • Civic
  • SALT
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Etherium classic
  • FunFair
  • District0X


  • The interface is beautiful and unique. There are some powerful and attractive chart tools which makes usability improved
  • This is the best wallet for a person trading cryptocurrencies and investing in different currencies
  • It is a multi currency supporting wallet which will allow you to use multiple currencies for transactions
  • For beginners as well as experienced users, it has various highly useful guides and tutorials


  • It is a desktop wallet which means, you cannot use it on your phones
  • The company is not yet been established as a brand. Also, it is not an open source platform where the users can contribute
  • The wallet has gained some criticism due to lack of 2-way authentication and thus, has security related constraints

Final verdict for Exodus

For people quite engaged in using and trading different cryptocurrencies, this is one of the best options to select. It supports a number of cryptocurrencies and provides ease of use. It seems a complete win win wallet with multiple interactive features and support. Either you are a beginner or an experienced wallet user; you will love the user interface, design and simplicity of this wallet.

Especially, if you are a cryptocurrency trader or investor, this is the best wallet for you to use your multiple currencies.

  • Love the wallet!

    Love the wallet. Would be much more incredible when the planned coin support comes out.

  • Liked it!!

    I like Exodus because of it’s simple convenience, however the ‘dynamic’ network fee calculator with the inability to modify to a slower speed constrained me to move to another option

  • Awesome!!

    Simple to use yet charges are somewhat high. Awesome for swapping assets on the fly if you are ok with the fees.

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