5 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2018 December 26, 2017

Where do you get bitcoins?

Apparently, you’ve learned the basics about bitcoins and now you wonder where to get bitcoins, but how is this done? You need to set up a blockchain wallet, and all you need is have an e-mail address that can be verified so as to get started. Secondly, create an exchange account and once you’ve created your wallet, switch to the buy bitcoins tab and create an account with one of the integrated partners of the blockchain. Once you’ve done all these, you are now set to start getting bitcoins all over the world.

There are four main ways to obtain bitcoins:

1. You can buy bitcoins on an exchange platform.
2. You can accept bitcoins for goods and services.
3. Mine new bitcoins.
4. Get free bitcoins by playing online games.

Buying Bitcoins

You can purchase bitcoins directly from people who own them or through marketplaces. Bitcoins can be paid for in many ways, ranging from credit and debit cards, hard cash, wire transfers or even cryptocurrencies, depending on where you live and who you are buying them from. If you want to purchase, bitcoins you can get them in bitcoin exchange market places like Coinbase, SpectroCoin, Kraken, LocalBitcoins, Indacoin and other global marketplaces.

Accepting Bitcoins for goods and services

Another way to obtain bitcoins is to receive them as compensation for goods and services. Apparently, this is one of the best ways to obtain bitcoins. You need to offer your customers this option to enable them to pay for your products and services if you are businessperson. You need to create a bitcoin trader account that will enable you to send invoices and fuse bitcoin payments into your order pages for the common online shopping cart structures.



Mining Bitcoins

Let’s take an example to understand what bitcoin mining is. If John buys a Stereo system from X ENTERPRISES using a bitcoin, the transaction will need to be verified to ensure that John’s bitcoins are real. Here is where miners come in. They begin mining by verifying if the transaction is genuine. Miners begin by verifying transactions in blockchain since there are billions of transactions in blockchain all over the world. As we had already explained, the blockchain is secured using security passkey. Miners have to find a key that will open the blockchain by running computer software programs that searches for the key. The blockchain box opens up once miners computers finds the key. The blockchain box pops open and the transactions are verified. Miners get rewarded with 25 newly generated bitcoins for finding the “needle in a haystack”. It takes around 1.789 billion times to find a correct key.



Playing online games

Unfortunately, getting free bitcoins is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not also the most profitable use of one’s time, but if you happen to have some free time to spare for these games, you will certainly get small amounts of extra bitcoins now and then.
The main game among others is the Blockchain game. You are required to sign up for a two-step sign up process. The process involves giving your valid mail address and your bitcoin address. These games pay out its players once in a week. These games are often free with full of adverts on the site. This is why it can afford to pay off its players. Blockchain games can be seen as a method of advert profit sharing. Blockchain games are always addictive and a bit challenging. The gameplay involves reaching the top level. The reward is high at the top level. Moving to the next level requires you to place a block directly on above the previous level. This is not as easy as you might think since the block automatically moves very fast on its own.
There are so many other blockchain games including the Roll and Ball, Pop Bubbles, Read Books, Play Dice among others.
Getting bitcoins is not that hard as well is not easy as beginners might expect. However, there a couple of methods through which you can acquire and they are increasing each day. Some of the methods to acquire might not require access to the internet or the user to have a wallet. Other options include debits card that allows bitcoins, physical coins that have preloaded bitcoins value and value cards that have bitcoins.